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    Activating Healing Energy Centers

    Activating Healing Energy Centers through Breath Work, Ancient Egyptian chants, and easy positions to hold to bring that Healing Energy into areas that need it. I do this practice everyday I can, it is something that can be done slowly or as fast as possible. Either way, you will feel amazing and rescued from the normal consciousness which you are accustomed. Everyday is a great day for letting go of the old stories, beliefs and patterns standing in the way of your awareness and divine wisdom. Healing Energy Activation is breath work and Egyptian phrases to travel through the chakras, lighting up from within letting your vibrant light unlock higher…

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    Sound Healing with Restorative Yoga

    Sound Healing Therapy combined with Restorative Yoga, & Reiki is the most delightful way to restore the body to strength and releasing pain. With the use of tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, tingsha bells and Reiki, Sharon enhances the magic of restorative yoga. There is no need for flexibility for this practice. Your body will correct itself with gravity and postures supported with pillows, blankets, blocks and bolsters. You will feel like a king or queen being restored back to wholeness the delightful way! Meet the teachers: Meet Blakey Hastings: What is the difference between a yoga class and therapeutic yoga? A yoga class is generally a set of postures and…

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    New Moon Celebration this week!

    October New Moon Phase Happy New Moon celebration this week! This week the highlighted Archangel is Gabriel. Gabriel wears a lightning bolt symbolizing illumination over his heart. He opens our spiritual eyes to the vision of all that is. He gives us divine direction and helps us clear uncertainty and distrust. This has been my greatest obstacle. Uncertainty and distrust created my reason to go inward. For that I will always be grateful. However, as I’ve learned to trust myself, my angels, and my life, there have been plenty of opportunities for discernment. When people give me a message that doesn’t sound legitimate. I don’t get frustrated anymore. But I…

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    Celebrate This One Year Anniversary!!!!

    Happy One Year Anniversary for Attuned with Spirit!!!!! October 1, 2018 Thank you all who have made and continue to make this happen. My deepest gratitude for the people who appreciate connecting with Spirit. May you deeply enjoy your lives. May we enjoy this journey together for many years. This week: Set intentions with Archangel Gabriel, Zedkiel, and of course, God/the Universe…channeled suggestions given at Group Sound Healing Sessions Sunday 5:30-7pm,  Monday 7-8pm, Wednesday 10-11:30am, Thursday 10-11:30am, Thursday 7-8;30pm, Saturday 10-11:30am Last week, Archangel Michael suggested that we write the fear that always seems to come back. Let’s give it up with his help. Archangel Sandalphon suggests to write the victory…

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    Greatest Good

    There is a skill to what I do. We are all equal, but we can all participate in the greatest good of all. Even if it’s just one by one, it has a huge impact, especially if we are consistent.  My passion to contribute to the well being of others is birthed and blossoming. I’m grateful. So many people, places and animals have assisted me to get to this point. I’m thankful.  May we all follow our passion for life and the deep desire to contribute to the health and well being of all.

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    On Reiki

    I use reiki often.  Sometimes it just comes out of me with no conscious effort. I truly want to be a vessel for love and healing for myself and all others in whatever way is best. I’m not going to assume that I know exactly what to do with this energy. God/the universe/the electrons/nature have an all knowing love and wisdom that I fully trust. I am a perfect vessel because of this.  I’m trusting that I’m known and being assisted in brilliant ways to serve us all well. We are, no doubt.

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    Self care is something I have neglected lately. I’m taking responsibility to restore my health care as a priority now.  I’m going to perform my skills of sound healing with reiki, combined with yoga, meditation, contemplating and exercise. I choose to stay with it. I’m worth the time. Balancing it in as I go. There is so much I want to do. Setting one goal at a time, so I may focus and flow is best. I’m contributing to the health and well being of myself and others. The goal to reach all is just too big a goal.

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    Angelic Reiki Attunements

    I do private Angelic Reiki Attunements for Reiki 1 and 2 together and 3 and 4 together. Level 4 is the master level. It entitles you to do attunements. The Angels are the ones who actually do the attunements, but I am the assistant. They will assist me in what to share that is relevant for your understanding and experience. They will assist you with what questions to ask and then help me with the answers. It’s fun and supportive. It’s a beautiful experience and great practice with working with the Angelic realm. It’s a thorough process of attunements, clearing, Reiki given and received; plus the support of self sufficiency…

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    Blossoming Into The Flower of Life

    Using simply Who am I? What do I want? And How can I serve? I have become who I am becoming. And also learning how I fit into the flower of life. As we choose and grow, all our guides and angels watch and assist us. In the words of my favorite guide,“and I flower with you.” It’s more than a commitment that they have to us. Like my backyard is hugged by the woods, I am surrounded by the divine. I am joy being enjoyed. Good morning! I have expanded greatly since I was here last. I am forever blossoming and expanding. I now connect to the core of Source,…

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    Spiritual Growth

    My Spirit is My Paradise

    Attuned with Spirit….. Who am I? Right now, I am a body, a mind and a spirit. I am a sacred trinity. My spirit is my paradise and my super power. It surrounds my body and mind. It also indwells them. I am the breath of life. The more I breathe, the more I circulate my spirit through my body and my mind. When I do this I experience more peace because, I return to the truth. I am a body, mind and spirit. My body is my spirits home. My spirit loves its home. What do I want ? My spirit is love. It utilizes my body as a…